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Pervomaisky License Area

Pervomaiskoe_inside.pngLLC Far East Mining Geological Company has a license to subsurface usage VLV # 01535 BR to perform search, exploration and production of gold in Pervomaisky area, which was issued by Regional Agency for subsurface usage in Primorsky region.

The license is valid till July 25, 2021. Pervomaisky lease with area of 6 km2 is located in Khankaisk district of Primorsky region at the distance of six kilometers to south-west from Pervomaiskoye settlement. Branched road network linked to key roads of Primorsky region was developed in 1940-s during construction of military fortifications. Roads are maintained in good condition. 

The closest railway station Novokachalinsk is located at the straight distance of 6 km to the east from the lease, and 12 km if roads of different categories are used.
There are no particularly protected areas in the region of works.
Search operations for gold in Pervomaisky area started after implementation of geophysical works by OJSC Primorgeofysika: gravimetric surveys in scale 1:200 000 (Namakshtansky V.V.) and magnetic exploration in scale 1:100 000 (Radchenko E.M.) (2002). Results of gravimetric surveys in this area identified highly differentiated abnormal gravitational field (from –8 to +32 mGl). As a result of magnetic exploration operations a condition map of abnormal magnetic field was developed. Detailed works were performed on identified anomalies.

During surface verification of Pervomaisky anomaly small scope of placer (90 samples) and lump (8 samples) sampling was performed, potential of the area for search of alluvial deposit gold and its root sources was identified.

Pervomaiskoye field was discovered during forecast-and-search operations in scale 1:50 000 in 2003-2006 by forecast party of FGUGP Primorskaya Quest Expedition. Bottom sampling of channel depositions in water streams identified complex secondary anomaly of gold, silver, copper, bismuth, molybdenum. Distinguished complex anomaly is not contoured from the south and the west. Detailed operations were performed within limits of this anomaly in the area of 6 km2, which included lithochemical sampling of secondary dispersion aureoles and magnetometry with spacing magnetic 100x25m, search routes, manual and dozer digging of ditches, lithochemical and furrow sampling of bed rocks, placer sampling of alluvial and dealluvial formations. These works helped to identify and track zones with commercial parameters – Malakhitovaya, Limonitovaya, Hematitovaya and multiple low-thickness gold-bearing quartz veins, linear zones of metasomatites and quartz mini-veins with gold-sulphide-quartz mineralization.

In the period of 2007-2009 geological surveys in Pervomaisky area were performed by LLC Far East Mining Geological Company within limits of the License Agreement. The company performed a complex of search and appraisal operations including: mine making operations, core drilling, well logging, electrical profiling SEP VP, sampling, laboratory analytical investigations.