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Krinichny License Area

Krinichnoe_inside.jpgLLC Vostochny Bereg has a license to subsurface usage VLV # 01470 in order to search for, explore and produce gold in Krynichnoye gold ore field and dealluvial deposit Krynichnoye, which was issued by Regional Agency for subsurface usage in Primorsky area. The license was issued for 25 years and is valid till February 07, 2031.

License area of 31 km2 is located in Fokino Territory within Shkotovskoye and Partizanskoye municipal districts of Primorsky Region. The closest settlements are Fokino town (10 km), Promyslovka, Domashkino, Dushkino villages located at the distance of 5 – 10 km from the working area along Nakhodka-Vladivostok highway. Regional center is located at the distance of 150 km from the field.

In respect of economy the region is well developed, has a developed network of roads with hard coating. Railway line joining TransSiberian Railroad passes close to the work area. Nakhodka sea commercial port has been constructed and currently is being expanded; construction of oil refinery is also planned here. High voltage power lines pass in immediate proximity to the southern boundary of the site. Recruitment of qualified workers and engineering staff (of non-geological specialties) is possible from local population.
There are no specifically protected areas in the region.

Exploration for gold had been performed in Krynichnoye ore unit till 1917 (N.P. Anosov, 1876; V.D. Ryazanov, 1902; L.I. Polevoi, 1922; E.E. Anert, 1928), and multiple signs of gold ore mineralization were noticed.
Search and exploration operations for gold ore and gold deposits have been performed since 1930-s (A.N.  Kislovsky, 1931, 1933; I.A. Pugachev, G.A. Denisov, 1947; V.O. Chekhovich, 1954; Shepel, 1954;  V.G. Diachenko, V.P. Belonogov, G.A. Denisov, F.I. Koshcheev, and R.H. Khasanov, 1959).  All researchers noted high probability of gold ore presence in the area.

Geological and geochemical operations were performed in 1978-1986 within Krynichnoye ore unit and ore field by CGCP of PPGO geological survey expedition. They performed lithochemical survey for secondary aureoles of dispersion in scales 1:25 000, 1:10 000, identified multiple ore crossings with commercial or close to them parameters, tracked strikes of individual ore bodies. Data received from these operations helped to significantly expand prospects to find in the region root gold mineralization of particularly new, previously unknown genetic types

In these areas in 2007- 2008 LLC Vostochny Bereg performed search and exploration operations for root gold. A complex of geological exploration operations included: drilling of core wells, working through channels using mechanical method and manually, sampling, laboratory works, logging, surface geophysical operations (magnetic and electric exploration using SG-BIEP, DEP-BIEP, VP, VEZ-VP). Results of performed surveys confirmed good prospects of Krynichnoye ore field areas.
Performed operations confirmed good prospects of the license area.