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Environment Protection

Omsukchan Geological and Mining Company CJSC JV ( OMGC) carries out mining and processing operations at the Juliette mine. Such types of operations essentially influence on natural environment elements such as the atmosphere, surface and ground water, soil, flora. The ecological department is in charge of control and decrease a harmful influence on natural environment. The department’s activity governed by legal framework of the Russian Federation and project documentation in environment protection area of the Russian legislation.ohr_prir_1.JPG

OMGC has all necessary licenses and other authorization documents.

The principal activity directions of environment protection:      

  - in the atmosphere protection area:
  - compliance of maximum permissible emission of movable sources (transport park),   stationary sources (gold recovery plant, truck shop, tailings, permanent-type man camp);
  - control of the atmosphere quality

in surface and ground waters protection area:
  - surface and ground water monitoring;
  - calculation of potable waters volume;
  - compliance emission of permissible discharge volume of water;
  - industrial water reuse;
  - mine waters usage for floating charge of gold recovery plant
  - control of utility and drinking supply water well usage 
 in soil and flora protection area:
  - forest range and land rent agreements making;
  - occupied industrial sites minimization 
  - revegetation of disturbed land

in area of environment protection from industrial waste:
  - recording volume of waste in accordance with WGDLB
  - prompt waste shipment to external agencies for decantation and using wastes of 1th, 2nd, 3rd hazard classes.
  - waste usage in OMGC enterprise, timely dumping of wastes at the special areas (tailings basins)
  - monitoring wastes dumping areas;

Chemical and analytical sampling is conducted by accredited VNII1 LLC technogenic ecosystem Lab in environmental control area (Magadan). An ecological situation estimated as satisfactory at the Juliette mine.