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In 2015 greenfield exploration has been carried out at prospective sites of Engtery ore field

31December 2015

 In 2015 greenfield exploration has been carried out at prospective sites of Engtery ore field under exploration and mining license of Julietta mine. The new vein zone was identified at Engtery-4 site. It has similar structure position to economic vein zone Evgeniya. The zone’s thickness is 5-7 m, the thickness of stem vein is over 1 m. Under results of float sampling there is gold grade up to 11,8 g/t and silver grade up to 2623,0 g/t. The vein zone defined by two trenches where two sections with commercial gold grade were indentified. According to trench sampling there is gold grade up to 6,6 g/t and silver grade is up to 1369 g/t. Defined part of vein zone fixes upper-ore part of ore chute that allows to forecast small erosion truncation and maximal throw of mineralization. Drilling works are planning to be conducted at the site. At the present development of drilling line began in order to follow hosted vein zone of structure along the strike and at depth.
   2.On May 13, 2015 the new mineral license was obtained in order to explore and to mine gold  and silver within the bounds of Ivaninsky ore cluster which contains Pravaya Ivania site and Ingoba site, the license is valid till 2040. Prognostic resources of category P3 totally comprise 9 t of gold and 110 t of silver. Geophysical exploration was conducted during field works season in 2015.
The range of geophysical works such as magnetometer survey, resistivity prospecting, IP exploration, VES survey with a scale 1:20000 were carried out at the Pravaya Ivania site on the area of 4,6 km2. 3 new prospective vein zones were identified. These structures due to geophysical characteristics relate to low eroded objects with mineralization not going out to daylight surface. Zones of Pravaya Ivania site are similar to precipitate ore-bearing zones V-4W and V-4Wext of Julietta mine according to intensity of altered rocks.
Electric and magnetic survey lines were drilled along creeks valley Goluboy and Smorodinoviy at the Ingoba site. Two zones were defined to identify blind ore bodies. Thus, works’ results confirmed prospects of identifying blind mineralization at the site.